SALESTALENT is a sales recruiting firm that understands the needs and the culture of small businesses which are often much different than Fortune 500 corporations. Owners of small businesses have fewer resources and cannot afford to make many mistakes. However, more new jobs are created by small/medium businesses than the Fortune 1000 businesses. The birth of small businesses and our free enterprise system is the major reason that has made our country so prosperous.

More Than Just a Sales Recruiting Firm

SALESTALENT provides two value-added services that the majority of recruiting firms do not provide:

  • Sales Success Profiles
  • Customized Sales Playbooks

These two combined services will help your company drive new sales … often doing more with less.

Sales Success Profiles

Have you ever been fooled? You interview many sales candidates and make a hiring decision because the sales candidate interviewed well and had a nice-looking resume.

As often happens, the sales candidate does not reach the sales goals and is let go. Both valuable time and money were wasted.

There is a better way. A study conducted by John Hunter, PhD., at Michigan State University found that the personal interviewing process is only 14% accurate in predicting a successful hire. However, when an assessment tool is used, accuracy for hiring the right candidate increases to 75%. In a similar way, if students want to get accepted at an excellent college or university, they need to have a solid GPA with excellent SAT scores. Furthermore, if they want to join your firm, they better have excellent “Sales Success Profile” scores.

Our Sales Assessment Tool measures a candidate’s sales abilities by analyzing 12 different skills which are graded from 1 to 10. You then have a quantifiable score on specific skills which include prospecting, closing, stamina, organization, turnover propensity etc.

This recruiting tool takes the guesswork out of hiring people with proven sales skills because you now have an objective assessment in order to make smart and accurate hiring decisions

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Customized Sales Playbooks

Do winning football coaches have Playbooks? Of course they do because they are very motivated to win their games. Likewise, a business leader needs a Sales Playbook to win new sales.

Your sales team is critical to your company … because nothing happens until a sale is made. Organized focus and systems will generate increased sales…plan your work and work your plan.

The Value of a Sales Playbook

A practical “hands on” Sales Playbook will increase your company sales by…

Get the Recruiting For Sales Success E-Book - FREE!

Recruiting for Sales Success FREE E-book

“Recruiting For Sales Success” will tell you how to hire the top 20% of all sales candidates while reducing costly sales turnover? Learn how to:

  • measure a person’s true Sales Success Profile,
  • use 3 UNIQUE sales compensation programs,
  • understand the differences between sales experience and sales talent,
  • plus 8 other key methods to hire the best sales talent.

Sales and Marketing Seminars

SALESTALENT has conducted specialized sales and marketing seminars and workshops for the following universities and associations:

  • The University of Georgia/SBDC
  • Georgia Tech/ATDC
  • Georgia Society of CPAs
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Clayton College and University
  • Furman University
  • Vistage
  • Build Expo Conferences
  • GA Dept of Economic Dev.
  • Atlanta Home Builders Association
  • Georgia Association of Personnel Services (GAPS)
  • Printing Association of Georgia (PIAG)
  • Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)
  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)—Atlanta chapter
  • American Women’s Society of CPAs-Georgia
  • …and many more

Published Books

21 Laws of Sales Success

The 21 Laws of Sales Success is a book that every salesperson should read. Each one of the 21 Laws represents a technique to increase a salesperson’s sales performance.

Selling to the Heart

Selling to the Heart”will give you practical techniques to increase your sales skills by selling yourself first and using emotional triggers in your sales presentations.

Driving Profit

“Driving Profit”is full of new innovative ideas for starting and managing your own successful business service.

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