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We staff our sales recruiting agency with veteran sales leaders who, in particular, know how to find and vet top sales and sales leadership talent.

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As top NYC sales recruiters and veteran sales leaders, we have the sales leadership and deep sales recruiting experience to help you hire the best sales talent in New York City.

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If you are looking for NYC recruiters sales, is a sales staffing agency founded by veteran sales leaders. Our mission is to help B2B sales organizations hire high-performing sales leaders and salespeople. Moreover, we aim to build long-term partnerships.

We represent companies across metro New York City, and our entire team of sales recruiters are veteran sales leaders. Accordingly, we have a wealth of sales leadership and recruiting experience, and therefore are uniquely equipped to help you hire only the best sales and sales leadership  talent in NYC.


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Sales talent is different from other sales search firms because of our strengths:

Veteran Sales Leaders: Founded by a 6x executive sales leader with all of our New York sales headhunters additionally all former sales leaders who therefore understand how to evaluate and identify top sales talent. Thus, our clients benefit from expert evaluated candidate submissions.

Exhaustive Search for the Best: We don’t rely on job postings to find candidates. Moreover, our clients already run job postings and turn to us when those postings fail to attract quality applicants. Instead, we conduct a comprehensive search and multi-channel outreach to passive candidates to find the best in the field.

Not Just Another Placement: Your job requisition isn’t just another placement. Because we limit the number of requisitions a recruiter can work on, we thereby enable our sales recruiters in NYC to find candidates faster than most firms.

What Others Say About Us

The team are FANTASTIC partners, not only in the pursuits of identifying and recruiting top-tier commercial talent, but also true partners helping to solve complex hiring decisions as firms look to upgrade talent. I cannot provide a strong enough recommendation for and would welcome the opportunity to discuss more in detail, should the need arise.

Bryce Bucknell

Chief Revenue Officer

I have worked with many sales recruiters, but the team at salestalent truly became a partner as we built out a sales organization. The candidates they brought us were on target, top-notch, and within budget. I highly recommend

Scott Rongo

Chief Revenue Officer was an absolute pleasure to work with. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and get things done. Loved working with them.

Rachel Wagman

Sales & Marketing Leader

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New York City Metro Area Overview

New York City, a global business hub, is home to a diverse range of industries that significantly contribute to its thriving economy. Chiefly NYC’s primary business sectors include finance, media, healthcare, retail, and technology.

Financial Sector

The financial sector has long been the backbone of the NYC economy. Furthermore, as a global financial center, New York City hosts the headquarters of numerous major banks, investment firms, and insurance companies. Wall Street, the home of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), plays a pivotal role in global finance.

Media and Entertainment

NYC’s media and entertainment industry is another essential contributor to the New York economy. Additionaly, the city is home to several major television networks, including NBC, CBS, and ABC, as well as prominent publishing houses and advertising agencies.

Retail and E-commerce

With its status as a global fashion capital, NYC boasts a thriving retail and e-commerce sector. Hence, the city is home to numerous high-end boutiques, department stores, and online retail giants.


A robust technology sector has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with New York City becoming an attractive destination for startups and established tech companies alike. Consequently, NYC is now considered one of the leading tech hubs in the United States.

Population Growth and Business Environment

New York City has experienced a steady population growth rate of 2.4% over the past decade, leading to a dynamic and diverse business environment. With more than 8.4 million residents, NYC offers a vast talent pool and ample opportunities for businesses across various sectors. As a result, it attracts numerous major employers.”

Popular Employers in NYC

The NYC metro area is home to numerous major employers, including JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Verizon, IBM, and Pfizer. As a result, these companies contribute significantly to the city’s economy and offer a wide range of employment opportunities.

Top Tech Companies

New York City’s burgeoning tech scene has attracted some of the world’s leading technology companies, such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook, who have established significant presence in the city. Correspondingly, this growth in the tech sector has created a high demand for skilled professionals across various roles, including sales.

Aside from the established giants, New York City is also a breeding ground for innovative tech startups. Particularly, some lesser-known but rapidly growing tech startups in NYC include MongoDB, UiPath, and Datadog, which have experienced tremendous success and are reshaping their respective industries.

Major Universities in the NYC Metro Area

Presently NYC is home to several prestigious universities, including Columbia University, New York University, and Fordham University. Consequently, these institutions contribute to the city’s vibrant intellectual and cultural scene and provide a steady stream of educated and ambitious talent.

Common Roles Placed in NYC

Inside Sales / Other
Sales Development Rep (SDR)
Inside Account Manager
Business Development Rep (BDR)
Inside Account Executive
Sales Engineer
Inside Sales Representative
Sales Operations
Inside Channel Sales
Sales Leadership
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
EVP / SVP / VP of Sales
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
Director of Sales / Sales Manager
VP / Director of Inside Sales
Director of Business Development
VP / Director of Sales Development
SDR / BDR Manager
Field / Outside Sales
Enterprise Account Executive
Business Development Executive
Channel / Partnerships Rep
Key / Strategic Account Manager
Territory / Account Manager
Strategic Account Executive
Regional Sales Executive
Sales Rep / Account Executive

Top NYC Sales Headhunters

If you need a top NYC sales recruiting firm for sales recruitment in New York, we have both the expert sales recruitment services and the track record to get you top-performing sales professionals. Therefore, don’t settle for unqualified job seekers; let us find your ideal sales hires.

In conclusion, If you’re looking for top New York sales recruiters to hire top sales talent in New York, contact us today. Notably, with our team of top NYC sales headhunters and our exhaustive search process, we can help you find the best candidates possible within several weeks or sooner.

Contact to learn how our top NYC sales recruiters can help you hire the top sales talent you seek in NYC with significantly less time and frustration.

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As sales recruiters, our mission is to learn about your ideal hire, then find and recruit them.


If you seek top sales recruiters to hire high-performing sales pros, our sales recruiting company has the experienced sales headhunters to get the specific sales talent you seek.

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