We are executive sales recruiters specializing in recruiting top executive sales leadership talent.

★ Top Executive Sales Recruiters

We staff our executive sales recruiting agency with veteran sales leaders who know how to find and vet top sales leadership talent.

★ Sales Focused Recruiting Agency

Our sales recruiting firm is expertly focused on sales talent to best leverage our experience.

★ The Sales Leadership Talent You Seek

At Sales Talent Command, we learn about your specific ideal hire, then find and recruit them.

Hire Top Sales Leadership Talent

Veteran Executive Sales Leaders Recruiting Top Sales Leadership Talent

As top executive sales recruiters and veteran sales leaders, we have the sales leadership and deep sales recruiting experience to help you hire the best sales leaders.

Top Executive Sales Recruiters

If you want to hire a top executive sales headhunter, Sales Talent Command is a top executive sales recruiting firm founded by veteran sales leaders to help B2B sales organizations hire high-performing sales leaders.

At Sales Talent Command, we specialize in finding the best sales leadership talent for high-growth sales organizations. All of our executive headhunters are veteran sales leaders with the leadership and recruiting experience needed to help hire only the best sales leaders.

We can help with executive sales leadership roles such as:

  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO),
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
  • EVP of Sales,
  • SVP of Sales
  • VP of Sales
  • Head Of Sales
  • Sales Director


Why Choose Sales Talent Command?

Sales Talent Command is different from other sales recruiting firms because of our strengths:

  • VETERAN SALES LEADERS: Our founder is a 6x executive sales leader, and all our sales recruiters are former sales leaders who know how to vet top sales talent.
  • EXHAUSTIVE SEARCH TO FIND THE BEST: We never run job postings to find candidates. Our clients already run job postings and hire us because their postings don’t get quality applicants. We conduct an exhaustive search and multi-channel outreach to passive candidates to find the best.
  • NOT JUST ANOTHER PLACEMENT: When you work with Sales Talent Command, your job rec is not just another placement. We find candidates faster than most firms because we limit how many recs a recruiter can work.

Our Sales Recruiting Verticals

Here are the main verticals our sales recruiters specialize in.

Software (SaaS)

    • Healthcare
    • Finance
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Government, Risk & Compliance
    • E-commerce
    • Security & Privacy
    • HR
    • Cloud & IT Management
    • Collaboration & Productivity
    • Learning & Training
    • Supply Chain
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Customer Service
    • Development
    • Digital Advertising


    • Hardware
    • Iot
    • IT Infrastructure
    • AR/VR
    • Hosting
    • GreenTech
    • VARs


    • Aerospace
    • Biotech
    • Energy 
    • Industrial
    • Logistics
    • Manufacturing 
    • Supply Chain 
    • Wholesale


    • Medical Device
    • Pharmaceutical 
    • Bio-Tech 
    • Medical Equipment

Ad Sales

    • Digital Advertising 
    • Print Media Ad Sales 
    • Broadcast Sales 
    • Ad Agency Sales 
    • OOH Advertising Sales

Executive Sales Recruiting Firm Overview

Sales Talent Command is a leading executive sales recruiting firm founded by veteran sales leaders to help B2B sales organizations hire high-performing executive sales leaders. We represent companies nationwide, ensuring that our clients have access to the best talent pool in the industry. Our sales recruiters are former sales leaders with extensive executive sales leadership and recruiting experience, making them uniquely qualified to identify and recruit the best executive sales leadership talent in the market.

Veteran Sales Leaders – The Backbone of Sales Talent Command

At Sales Talent Command, we pride ourselves on our team of veteran sales leaders. Founded by a 6-time executive sales leader, our executive sales headhunters have the background, expertise, and insider knowledge needed to effectively vet top sales leadership talent. By leveraging their sales leadership experience, our recruiters can understand the specific requirements and challenges that B2B sales organizations face, ensuring that the candidates they source match our client’s ideal candidate needs.

The Exhaustive Search for the Best Executive Sales Talent

We understand that job postings often fail to attract the quality of applicants that B2B sales organizations need. That’s why Sales Talent Command utilizes an exhaustive search and multi-channel outreach strategy to identify and engage passive candidates who may not be actively applying to job posts. We go above and beyond to find the best sales leadership talent for your organization, ensuring that you’re not just relying on active job seekers but also tapping into the hidden talent pool of top-tier passive candidates.

Not Just Another Sales Leadership Recruiting Firm

Sales Talent Command is not just another sales recruiting firm. We are dedicated to providing a personalized approach to every recruitment assignment. By limiting the number of recs our executive sales headhunters can work on, we ensure a focused and efficient search process that delivers results faster than most firms. We treat your job rec as a unique and important project, not just another placement.

The Better Way to Hire Sales Leadership Talent

If you are struggling with sub-par sales leadership talent or lack a predictable way to hire top sales leadership talent quickly, Sales Talent Command offers a better way. Here’s how we do it:

Understanding Your Ideal Candidate: We work closely with you to learn your ideal candidate profile, allowing us to target the most suitable passive candidates for your organization.

Advanced Sourcing Techniques: We combine our extensive network and internal database with advanced sourcing techniques to identify top-performing passive candidates.

High-Touch Multi-Channel Outreach: Our recruiters execute a high-touch multi-channel outreach campaign to engage 100 to 300 select candidates, depending on the ideal candidate profile and role. This ensures we can attract and connect with the best sales talent for your organization.

Fast and Efficient Recruitment Process: Within two weeks, and often sooner, our recruiters present you with 3 to 5 passive but highly interested candidates that match your ideal candidate profile. Our experienced sales leader recruiters have thoroughly vetted these candidates, ensuring that they are the best possible fit for your organization.

Partner with Sales Talent Command for Sales Recruiting Success

By choosing Sales Talent Command as your executive sales recruiting partner, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team of experienced sales recruiters who understand the ins and outs of the sales industry. Our recruiters, who are former sales leaders themselves, have the unique expertise and perspective necessary to vet and select top sales talent for your organization properly.

Don’t let the wrong leadership talent hold your organization back any longer. Partner with Sales Talent Command and experience the difference our personalized, results-driven approach to executive sales recruiting can make for your sales organization. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your sales team by connecting you with the exact high-performing sales leadership talent you need to succeed. The success of your B2B sales organization relies heavily on the quality and performance of your sales leadership team. Don’t leave your sales recruiting to those who don’t understand what makes a great executive sales leader.


Sales Talent Command is your best choice if you’re looking to hire top executive sales leadership talent. With our team of top executive sales headhunters and our exhaustive search process, we can help you find the best sales leadership talent.

Contact Sales Talent Command today to learn how our top executive sales recruiters can help you hire the top executive sales leadership talent you seek.

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