SALESTALENT specializes in business and leadership and is recognized as one of the top sales recruitment agencies in the country. We use a targeted sales selection process to locate the top sales talent in the U.S. Our firm has earned an excellent reputation in sales talent recruitment for mid-sized companies to The Fortune 100, for entry level to sales executive level positions. Consider these special benefits that we can offer your business in your local, regional, or national sales recruitment program.

Industry Experts/Pure Specialists

As a niched sales recruitment agency we are pure specialists in finding top sales talent for a wide selection of sales positions, we are true industry experts. Specialization equals better results.

Targeted Sales Recruiting

SALESTALENT has the ability to do targeted sales recruiting for your specific industry for a city, a state, or a region. We are not a “resume factory” and we listen to your company’s exact sales requirements. Then we deliver the most qualified sales talent that matches your needs. Count on us for speed, accuracy, and results in sales recruitment!

We Measure “Sales DNA”

Our proven sales assessment process measures the true “Sales DNA” to determine who has true sales talent – to get the qualified results that you want and need. Just because a salesperson has industry sales experience doesn’t necessarily mean that the experience is good. It means that they have spent “x” number of years in an industry.
Our sales talent assessment measures 12 individual characteristics, such as assertiveness, stamina, prospecting, and closing ability. Each of these sales characteristics is measured on a scale from 1 to 10 in order to give you a total sales talent score. We help you take the guesswork out of hiring.

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