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The Three Key Reasons Salespeople Fail to Reach Quotas

Salespeople Fail Reach Quotas

Ever wonder why salespeople fail to reach their sales quotas? This can be a huge problem for any business who depends on their sales team’s success? Continue reading below to learn what are the three key reasons for a salesperson falling short on sales quotas.


Angela Duckworth wrote the best-selling book, Grit, based on her study of to the characteristics of high-achieving individuals. Her research included many people…from athletes to military to business people. She found that the top achievers had two key attributes in common—passion and perseverance—exceeding both talent and experience.

The top sales producers in any industry need passion to achieve their sales goals. In other words, they must believe in themselves and their companies to be successful. They must have passion for what they do. In the same sense, they must have a strong element of perseverance to overcome sales objections and adversity, while maintaining a positive attitude to win! For example, the average salesperson quits after only the second try when calling a prospect. On the other hand, a salesperson with perseverance will continue to make contacts 3, 4, 5 and beyond in order to reach his goals. When you hire a salesperson, you cannot teach them perseverance…it is a trait that is acquired over a lifetime.


Effective salespeople have disciplined work habits unlike mediocre salespeople who lack personal discipline. Great salespeople are consistently optimistic and believe they are going to get the next sale…they have winning attitudes. On the other hand, unsuccessful salespeople get beaten down by rejection and develop negative thinking which hinders their sales development. One of the greatest sales skills is the ability to listen and to be a trusted advisor. The mediocre salesperson never develops these skills, often talks too much, does not listen well, and pushes too hard to close a sale…which rarely happens.

One of the greatest sales skills is the ability to listen and to be a trusted advisor. The mediocre salesperson never develops this skill, often talks too much, does not listen well, and pushes too hard to close a sale—which rarely happens.


Many salespeople are not organized and are scattered in their sales presentations—they just “wing it.” Many believe that the more information they provide the better chance of winning the sale…but this is not true. However, the high achieving salesperson uses a methodical process which ensures a winning sales presentation—establishes rapport, probes by asking open-ended questions, presents solutions in a clear manner without excessive details, and then closes. Furthermore, most successful salespeople actually listen 65% of the time and only talk 35% of the time. They have learned the skill of asking open-ended questions to discover problems that they can solve, resulting in new sales.

In summary, a salesperson who has passion and perseverance, good work habits, an optimistic attitude, and uses methodical presentation skills will always be a “Sales Rock Star.” You can count on it!


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