What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.)?

Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.)

A proper positioning strategy should clearly present a unique selling proposition (U.S.P.). This is how a company distinguishes itself in a very crowded and competitive marketplace. Our company has written hundreds of Marketing Plans and as part of our discovery process, we ask our clients this question, “what is your company’s unique selling point?” Ninety percent of them say, “we have great quality and we provide wonderful service.” These could be very true statements, but if nine out of ten companies say the same thing, a U.S.P. has not really been created. A U.S.P. truly has to be unique in order to capture “that space in the buyer’s mind,” however, few companies have developed this point in their positioning strategy.

If your company does not have a U.S.P. there are some platforms that you can choose from in order to create that ever important Unique Selling Proposition.

Here are some examples of companies and their U.S.P.s…

Quicken Software which says they are “easy to use” — EFFICIENCY

Wal Mart which “will beat or match anyone’s prices  —  ECONOMY

Wedgewood China – “the finest in bone china” — QUALITY

SALESTALENT – “bundled services/sales recruiting and sales training”— SERVICE

Lead With a Unique Edge in One of these Areas:

  • Cost/Value
  • Guarantee
  • Service/Product Combinations
  • Proven Reputation
  • Extensive Selections

You can create a competitive edge by bundling several of these elements and then communicate this bundle as your unique selling point.

Furthermore, you need to identify a source of proof that your company truly does have the U.S.P. that you claim it has. When this process occurs you have successfully put your company on a unique platform that separates you from your many competitors. You can sell based on this uniqueness versus having a common service with no unique qualities.