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Selling to the Heart

Selling to the Heart

How most sales are really won

Successful sales professionals use two different skill sets, which are hard knowledge and soft knowledge, to win new sales.

Hard knowledge describes the features and benefits of a company’s products and services.  Soft knowledge is considered Emotional Intelligence (EI) or “Selling to the Heart” which requires knowledge and skills that are “emotional triggers” that influence buying.

Selling to the Heart


Approximately 65% of all buying decisions are emotionally based. We all have a tendency to make purchases from an emotional perspective. Sell to the heart first; the head second.


A survey indicated that 85% of all buying decisions are based on the best perceived value… and only 15% on the lowest price. Never lead with low price…always lead with why your business delivers the best value…use the “law of 3.” Give 3 specific reasons why your company delivers the best value.

Success Stories

Great salespeople tell stories that relate to their prospects’ businesses … maybe something another customer achieved with their help. People have a greater interest in listening to stories than being overloaded with information.

Trusted Advisor

Approximately 80% of sales are lost because the salesperson failed to establish an element of trust and credibility with the prospect. They should become a trusted advisor vs. just a salesperson.


Successful people really believe in themselves and their company. Strong belief is translated into desire…which increases action…which generates better results.


Good relationships which are emotionally based, can create repeat customers and sales. Once a strong relationship is formed, it’s very hard to lose that customer to a competitor.

Problem Solving

Every sale is really a solution to a problem. A salesperson should be a problem solver…not just someone trying to make a sale.


A salesperson needs to be mentally tough. When they get rejected, they keep going to get a “yes.” It’s not about how many times they get hit…it’s about how many times they get back up.


Optimistic salespeople sell more. Their positive energy radiates a spirit of confidence which attracts prospects to listen and buy from them. On the other hand, pessimistic people rarely succeed in sales and add to the high turnover rate.

You Are The Brand

A salesperson is really a living brand. First impressions count and they are created by appearance, body language, and an attitude of caring and trust.


Prospects and customers want to deal with confident, but not cocky, salespeople. Confidence accentuates the persuasion process, leading to more sales. Successful salespeople overcome fear and radiate confidence.

The Extra Mile

There is never a traffic jam at the “extra mile.” If a salesperson does more than they are expected to do, they will be remembered.


Knowledge gets one into the game, passion usually wins it. Passion is the energy and integrity that radiates from a salesperson about their company…leading to increased sales.


Salespeople should not think so much about what they can get, but concentrate on what they can give to prospects and how they can help them. If they create a Win for the prospect, it becomes a Win for them, as well.


Business goes where it’s invited and stays where it’s appreciated. Companies lose over 65% of their customers because of an attitude of indifference. Salespeople should always show their customers that they appreciate their business.

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