Our Customized Sales Training Programs can help your company drive more profit

There are many generic sales training courses that your company can use. These programs generally consist of basic workbooks and DVDs that ask the person to listen to recorded information and fill in the blanks. In addition, there are numerous one-day motivational seminars that can create a 24-hour level of motivation. These workbook training programs and one-day seminars may be interesting, but they do not equal sustainable increased performance. They simply are not effective in helping your team create consistent results.

Our Customized Training Program consists of three parts:

Analysis: In order to build an effective training program for your business we need to understand your company—both its strengths and weaknesses. We gather this information through our Sales Analysis Planner (S.A.P.)© whereby we look at your current methods of new business development, seeking areas for improvement. The right questions often are the real answers.

Manuals: From the Analysis we will develop a customized manual for each person, containing the following sections:

  • Proven selling principles
  • Prospecting methods
  • Time management
  • Problem solving skills
  • Overcoming objections
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Using Sales Metrics

Training: SALESTALENT will conduct an effective customized training program for your business. The program will be developed to meet your company’s specific needs and will consist of these key components: 1) classroom instruction, 2) role playing, and 3) e-learning programs.

What Our Clients Say

Your sales training presentation was exceptional. As always, your seminar was filled with practical knowledge and experience.

Darrel HulseyUniversity of Georgia/SBDC

Thanks for a great sales training program–our sales team found it to be fun and interactive. I am confident the information SALESTALENT shared will make a positive impact on our sales.

Dean ThompsonVP Sales & Marketing, Communicorp

Your presentation to the Society of Human Resource Management received rave reviews. Some comments included: …exceptional speaker … knowledgeable, stimulating presenter … on focus … valuable information clearly presented.

Gwen ThomasSHRM—Atlanta chapter

Your recent 3-day offsite seminar with our sales team has delivered immediate positive results. We had record-breaking sales this quarter by all salesmen…We are proud of our association with SALESTALENT.

Neil Wise, Sr.President, Guardian Products Inc.

The SALESTALENT training program was worth every penny. As a result, HPI’s entire staff is better educated, better equipped, and better prepared for success.

Richard SosebeePresident, HPI Direct

Thank you for the customized Sales Training program that you rolled out recently. You delivered exactly what we asked for. Your program was just the right mix of teamwork and skill refinement.

Bob SchulerVP Sales, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

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