Do Women & Men Sell Differently?

Communication Styles

In the sales process, women often seek consensus and collaboration while men may care more about the decision-making processes and being independent. Women may choose to conduct presentations and meetings to create relationships while men view presentations as a means to the end…to create a sale.

About 40% of a B2B sales force includes women, but women sales professionals are growing at a consistent rate. In research, women exceeded men in empathy and both men and women listen differently. Men generally listen to respond, while women often listen to understand.

In another study, it was determined that all high performing salespeople use these skills in making presentations…

In this research, it was found that high performing women were often likely to emphasize connecting and collaboration, while men often relied on improving and driving results. In the analyzing and influencing skills, there were no measurable differences between women and men in reaching their sales objectives. Both men and women were equally successful.

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