A Sales Recruiting Process To Drive New Sales

Determining the Right Sales Person Profile

SALESTALENT develops a “Hiring Profile” whereby we will gather important information to determine the right candidates to interview. This profile will include your sales requirements…

What are some of our sales recruitment requirements?

Sales Recruiting Using Targeted Searches

Our team will search our databases as well as using our targeted contact process to find the sales candidates who best fit your hiring needs. We are very attentive to their communication skills, their energy levels, their optimism about selling, etc. In summary, we always look for a positive attitude as well as the right cultural fit in our interviewing process.

Sales Assessment Tests Are Critical During the Sales Recruiting Process

After the personal interviews, we find the candidates who indicate passion and drive and meet your hiring profile. We then email them our online Sales Assessment test to measure their true sales skills. Completing a sales assessment test is critical to the success of the sales recruiting process.

Over the years we have found that only 20 to 30% receive good sales scores. We will then send the resumes of the candidates who scored well, along with their scores for you to review. Their sales scores are often a better indication of sales success than their resumes.

sales assessment for sales recruiting process

Placement Follow Up

After each placement we are not done with the sales recruiting process. We will follow up with you and the candidate to see if sales progress is being made and if there is any way we can continue to help your company.

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