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Technology Sales Recruiting

Sales Careers in Technology are one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S.  The IT industry continues to create more specialized software and technologies to increase productivity.  For example, Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses can download and upgrade from online sources as well as utilizing Cloud Technology.  Salary ranges are from $50,000 to over $140,000 plus commissions and bonuses.  According to The Muse, total average compensation for an IT salesperson is $90,727.

“I was amazed at how quickly your firm was able to ramp up a stream of attractive, qualified candidates for the sales organization here at GE Capital IT Solutions.”
Kent Gaskill, Location Gen. Mgr
GE Capital IT Solutions

Telecom Sales Recruiting

The introduction of 5G will be a catalyst for growth in the telecom industry. With the addition of 5G there will be numerous apps that were never even considered before. Because of the growth of 5G there will be strong growth for sales positions for network and equipment companies. Gartner predicts that worldwide 5G networks infrastructure revenues will exceed $4.2 billion in 2020, recording year over year growth exceeding 85%. TELOS will be targeting 5G applications in manufacturing, healthcare (telemedicine), and education for distance learning because of our changing environment.

“SALESTALENT delivers exceptional results in both recruiting and training. I would highly recommend them for whatever sales and marketing needs your company may have.”
Phil Dempsey, COO
Business Services

Sales Recruiting for Business Services

There are many types of business services that offer sales careers generating good incomes.  These business services include selling financial investments, marketing, insurance, consulting and managed services among others.

According to STATISTA, sales revenues in managed services are expected to grow from $185 billion in 2019 to $356 billion in 2025.  Many of the managed services’ sales positions will be in the IT Industry whereby a company outsources its needs to an independent company.  The demand for managed services will be driven by a number of factors to include the increased pressure to innovate, in order to meet the demands of regulatory compliance and the lack of internal technical talent.

“I am very satisfied with the work of SALESTALENT and I only wish we had met them sooner so we might have made better hiring decisions in the past."
Bill Beyer, President
Advertising Targeted Industries

Sales Recruiting Advertising/Marketing

Over the last 10 years, the demand for advertising and marketing positions has increased tremendously in the digital media fields.  The internet has been a game-changer in how communications are delivered, especially through social media and email marketing campaigns.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that advertising and marketing positions will grow by 9% by 2024, with incomes above the national average growth.  According to, the median income for an advertising account executive is $81,179 and the top 10% earn an income of $108,760 and above.

“Your recent 3-day offsite seminar with our sales team has delivered immediate positive results. We had record-breaking sales this quarter by all salesmen. We are proud of our association with SALESTALENT.”
Neil Wise, Sr., President
Guardian Products Inc.

Construction Sales Recruiting

The construction industry will encounter a number of building trends for the future.  These include technology advancements, green technology, increase in modular projects, and better safety equipment.  Both the residential and specialized commercial building will continue to grow in the future with the two greatest challenges being the increased cost of building materials and the shortage of skilled labor.  Talented sales professionals will have a solid future in the many aspects of construction sales with above average incomes.

“Your sales assessments have proven to be very effective in placing successful sales managers in our territories. They seem to eliminate a lot of hiring mistakes.”
David Mullins, CEO
Tek-Rail, Inc.

Manufacturing Sales Recruiting

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be 325,000 sales positions needed in manufacturing, wholesale, technical, and scientific products over the next few years while growing at the rate of 4%.  The median income for a sales professional in these industries is $75,820 and the top 10% earn $125,310 per year.  Forty percent have college degrees.

“The time and effort you put forth in understanding the needs of your clients and then servicing those needs put you far above other agencies I have used in the past. I look forward to many years of a growing partnership.”
Linda Farmer, Dir. for People
Pacesetter Steel Service
IT Staffing

IT Staffing

IT staffing positions will expand with the growth of technology services.  Positions are available in new business development and recruiting and you may operate a full desk doing both.  The Staffing Industry Analysts report a growth rate of 4% to $157.8 billion in revenue in 2022.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a component that will help increase the efficiency of the recruiting industry through algorithms that are created based on neuro-linguistic and machine learning.  It is not uncommon to find IT staffing business development individuals making well over $100K per year.

“We have had many sales & marketing projects directed to you and your associates over the years…without exception, you have always met or exceeded our expectations.”

Sales Recruiting for Engineering

The projection rate for positions in Engineering Sales is 7,900 new employees annually. These sales positions pay well above the national average with the median income being $109,750, while the top 10% earn $175,450 or more.  The educational level is also higher for the sales positions in this field with 69% having a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree because of the technical knowledge required to consult and provide solutions to a variety of engineering challenges.

“We deal with a number of different agencies and firms in hiring and your company’s superior courtesy and professionalism has been apparent from the first visit. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Parks Stewart, VP
Phoenix Automation Inc.

Career Positions Within Our Targeted Sales Recruiting Industries

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  • Lead Generation Reps
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  • Business Development

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