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SALESTALENT is a full-service sales recruiting firm serving Durham, NC. We deliver proven sales talent for your city.

Durham Job Growth

Durham/Chapel Hill metro ranks #13 on the “Tech Town” list as IT employment grows in this market.  There is a projection of total job openings to increase over 4% in the next 5 years.

The North Carolina Technology Association recent report of IT Job Trends shows tech job openings are up 22.7% since March 2020 with over 38,000 job opening across the state.  About 1/3 of those job openings are located in Raleigh making a 43% jump from last year, followed by Durham and Chapel Hill being up 20%.

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Median Sales Salary

According to, we have listed median salaries for Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, and entry level Sales positions. However, the median salaries will fluctuate in each city depending on the cost of living and the type of sales position. For example, sales positions in IT generally offer higher salaries than other industries.

Sales Representatives

Median: $59,930
Top 25%: $85,730
Bottom 25%: $42,076 

Sales Managers

Median: $118,885
Top 25%: $110,634
Bottom 25%: $46,402

Entry-Level Sales Position

Median: $46,402

Hiring Top Sales Talent in Durham

When your objective is to hire top sales talent for your company, look for these key characteristics when interviewing your candidates…

  • Sales Hunters – true sales hunters are hard to find. For example, for every one true sales “hunter” there are about five sales “farmers” who are not motivated to prospect for new business development.
  • Perseverance – the sales profession has one of the highest turnover rates of any career, mainly because of the amount of rejection a salesperson receives. Great salespeople have “GRIT” which is ingrained into their personalities.
  • Relationship Skills – it is generally five times easier to sell to a current customer than it is to sell to a new customer. A top sales professional not only has to be an avid hunter but also have the added skills to maintain solid relationships with their current clients for repeat business.
  • Cultural Fit – this is usually a gut level feeling to determine if the sales candidate would seem to fit into the values that your company has created.

If you can check all of these boxes, you can feel quite confident that you have found a true “sales rock star” to join your team and generate valuable new profit.

How Does SALESTALENT Help Drive New Sales?

Test You Sales IQ

Sales Recruiting in Durham

Our unique sales assessment tool helps measure a candidate’s true ability to sell. We evaluate all sales persons to ensure you receive top talent, every time you hire us.

Three types of salespeople

Sales Training in Durham

A customized sales training program will be developed to meet your company’s specific needs and will consist of these key components: 1) classroom instruction, 2) role playing, and 3) e-learning programs.

Sales Playbook

Custom Sales Playbooks

Organized focus and systems  generate increased sales… plan your work and work your plan! We develop sales playbooks to help drive new sales.

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