Job Offers are being Lost

Why Job Offers Are Being Lost…Stand Out With These Critical Sales Interview Tips

Every day sales job offers are being lost because candidates are failing to prepare properly for their sales interview.  When looking for a job in sales, you, as a salesperson, really have to sell yourself as someone who has real sales talent. If you can’t sell yourself, how can you sell the company’s products or …

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Three types of salespeople

The Three Types of Salespeople

Three Types of Salespeople All salespeople can be grouped into one of three categories: The Commodity Salesperson The Price Salesperson The Solution Value Salesperson The Commodity Salesperson The Commodity Salesperson sells things which have features.  This salesperson lacks in these key areas: Fails to understand the problems of their prospects Fails to make their company …

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Passion & Perseverance

Passion & Perseverance

Angela Duckworth wrote the best-selling book, Grit, based on her study of the characteristics of high-achieving individuals. Her research included many people from athletes to military to business people. She found that the top achievers had two key attributes in common—passion and perseverance—exceeding both talent and experience. The top sales producers in any industry need …

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Job Description Templates

Job Description Templates

We discovered that a number of companies do not have written job descriptions. We have included three job description templates that you can use and modify according to your company’s specific hiring requirements. Job Description Templates Sales Manager Sales Account Executive Business Development Representative (BDR) Sales Manager Position Description Our firm has an immediate position …

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Expert Interviewing skills

Be an Expert Interviewer

How you conduct an interview and the techniques you use will ultimately affect who you hire, which has a net effect on end results.  Many mistakes are made in the interviewing process each day that prevent attracting and keeping the best salespeople.  Here are some proven techniques to increase the quality of your company’s sales …

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key sales recruiting principles

8 Key Sales Recruiting Principles You Should Know

Sales Recruiting Principles Below you will find eight key sales recruiting principles to help you better understand sales recruiting. If you have any specific questions about sales recruiting make sure to contact us, and we will respond promptly. About 70% of all salespeople working today don’t have the right “Sales Success Profile” or they are …

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