Your Sales Success

Much of your sales success will be how you program your mind with these thoughts…

Flowers or Weeds

Your mind is like a fertile garden – do you want to plant flowers or weeds?
When you plant your flowers, be sure you water frequently.

5,000 Thoughts a Day

Most people have over 5,000 thoughts a day – and 80% are found to be negative.
Program your mind to think positive thoughts, not negative ones.


Set a goal and a deadline for its attainment … the 3% study.


Happiness is not for sale at any price … it’s a state of mind.
Enjoy what you do and you will be happier and achieve more.

The Extra Mile

There is never a traffic jam at the extra mile.
Always do more than what is expected…go that extra mile.


Most buying decisions are based upon the best perceived value…not the lowest price.


Your success will be largely determined by your belief that you will be successful. Strong belief stimulates a burning desire which generates consistent action that ultimately leads to results. Believe it and you can achieve it.


Develop a strong U.S.P. – Unique Selling Proposition – to make yourself and your company truly unique in the crowded marketplace.


Most sales occur after the 4th or 5th “touch” – yet more than 80% of all salespeople quit after only the 2nd “touch.” A winner never quits…and a quitter never wins.

Solve Problems

Become a real problem solver vs. just a salesperson …because every sale is really a solution to a problem.


Those who bring sunshine to the life of others cannot keep it from themselves. 
Be a true giver in this life and your success will soar.

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