Resume Tips for Salespeople

Here are some resume tips that will help you generate important interviews. All companies hire people, not resumes – but a good professional resume creates that all-important first impression. Then you have to sell yourself.

The Two Basic Types of Resumes

There are two types of resumes that you can use in applying for a sales job … chronological or functional.

Chronological resume: lists your positions in chronological order starting with your most recent position, going back to your first position. This type of resume is most often used and is generally effective when applying for a similar type of job. For example, you work for a technology company and you are applying to another technology company.

Functional resume: provides the functions of your work history. This type of resume can be used when a person is trying to change industries and the link could be that the function you had performed is the same or similar even if you didn’t have experience in that particular industry. For example, you have had three different positions with three different industries, such as being a sales rep, a marketing manager, and a sales manager. You could then write your resume to reflect the functions that you performed, rather than the chronological development of your positions. In essence, you are communicating your functionality vs. specific industry experience. The key, of course, is to provide proven functional expertise for the position you are seeking.

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