Benefits of a Sales Career

A career in sales is unique when compared to other careers. Consider some of these benefits…

Double Income

In most careers you receive a base salary. However, in a sales position you can achieve double income each year—your salary and your commissions.

According to a Zip Survey in 2020, the average salary of a college graduate is $53,577. However, the average income of a sales professional is $65,000, which includes both salary and commission. You are effectively making more than $1000 more per month in a sales position vs. the salary of the college graduate in other positions.

In addition, you have a much greater opportunity to increase your annual income vs. other career positions. There are a number of variables that control this. First, what type of industry do you represent? Sales careers in technology, for example, tend to yield higher incomes both in salary and commissions. Other high paying sales positions include finance, advertising, and engineering. The second variable is how good you are and how hard you work. In the right industry and if you are in the top 20% of your sales team, you could expect to make more than $100K per year.


In sales everything can be different every day because you are selling to different people, in different industries and often in different cities.


Having a sales position is often similar to owning your own business because you control your schedule. Bottomline is that you have a lot of flexibility each day in how you control your time. But above all, you need to reach your company’s sales goals to maintain your position.

Supply & Demand

There are almost 7 million sales professionals in the U.S. within many different types of industries. About 20% of any sales team generates almost 80% of a company’s sales. If you are in that top 20% you will be in high demand which could result in new opportunities to expand your sales career.

Transferrable Skills

If a salesperson has good sales skills with a solid track record, they have transferrable skills to enter a new company, possibly in a different industry. Companies buy sales track records.

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