Passion & Perseverance

Passion & Perseverance

Angela Duckworth wrote the best-selling book, Grit, based on her study of the characteristics of high-achieving individuals. Her research included many people from athletes to military to business people. She found that the top achievers had two key attributes in common—passion and perseverance—exceeding both talent and experience. The top sales producers in any industry need …

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Your Custom Sales Playbook

Do winning football coaches have Sales Playbooks? Of course, they do because they are very motivated to win their games. Likewise, a business leader needs a Sales Playbook to win new sales. Your sales team is critical to your company…because nothing happens until w sales is made. Organized focus and systems will generate increased sales…plan …

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Interviewing Skills

How you conduct an interview and the techniques you use will ultimately affect who you hire, which has a net effect on end results. Many mistakes are made in the interviewing process each day that prevent attracting and keeping the best salespeople. Here are some proven techniques to increase the quality of your company’s sales …

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TOP Sales Recruiting TIPS

TOP Sales Recruiting TIPS

About 70% of all salespeople working today don’t have the right “Sales Skills” or they are selling in the wrong industry When looking to hire salespeople, look for two key characteristics: high ego drive and high empathy Rather than hiring industry experience, look for “the athlete and teach them the sport” Approximately 80% of all …

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