The REAL REASONS Salespeople Change Jobs

By October 11, 2017Sales Recruiting

There are many reasons why salespeople change jobs and one of the last reasons is money.  Professional salespeople realize that the right opportunity with the right company really determines the potential to earn money. Salespeople who change jobs often looking to make more money are very seldom successful at any sales position. Here are the top reasons why salespeople change positions…

1) Management Conflicts

There is friction between management and themselves. Many times a new sales manager is hired and the chemistry is not the same as with the old sales manager – the chemistry changes and the working relationship deteriorates.

2) Lack of Appreciation

The second principal reason why a salesperson changes companies is the same reason why a business loses its customers – a lack of appreciation. In most relationships between companies and their sales force, there is not enough “psychic income” – the salesperson does not feel fully appreciated by their employer. They feel used, unwanted, and not fully appreciated for their hard work and the sacrifices they make for their company. They work very hard and seldom hear “thank you” or “you did a great job.” For many people the need for “psychic income” exceeds financial income.

3) Other Conflicts

In certain work environments conflict arises between the salesperson and other co-workers. If the salesperson is in a state of conflict most of the time, they will leave because their job is no longer fun. The conflict can be between management, other employees, or other salespeople.

4) No Upward Mobility

A salesperson works very hard. They are consistent sales producers and their next goal is to be promoted into a sales management position. If there are no sales management positions available, they may seek another company that has a need for a sales manager.

5) More Money

The potential to earn more money is the final reason that a salesperson will quit their current employer. They feel that their current compensation program is not good enough and they look to other companies or “greener pastures.” This is a tricky point because the management could argue that if the salesperson would sell more they could make more money with their current company. However, in specific situations, their commission program is modified, their salaries are reduced and as a result the salesperson becomes disenchanted and they start seeking new sales opportunities.