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In addition to internet and digital marketing, you have a number of other ways to promote your business. These might include trade shows, Lunch ‘n Learn type of seminars, and ad specialties.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are usually organized by industry or by general theme, such as a Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. They can be local, regional, or national in their structure. Your company would go to a trade show to display or exhibit your company’s services. However, the real purpose of a trade show is to generate leads for appointments to sell your services.

The advantage of a trade show is that you meet many people during a short period of time. The disadvantage is that you are never certain how many people will attend or if the correct decision maker will actually visit your exhibit.

Visit the Trade Show News Network for a selection of national trade shows that you could attend or have an exhibit. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or trade associations for a list of local or regional trade shows.


A Lunch ‘N Learn seminar is usually given at a business’ office during lunch time. In addition to providing lunch for the participants you would provide a brief educational presentation, as well as some information about your company. The advantage is that you have a captive audience and your prospect receives a free lunch for their employees who might be interested in the information you are presenting.

You could also give seminars at various trade associations, rotary club meetings, or business organization meetings. This helps to build your company brand name and promotes your business’ expertise.

Ad Specialties

There are many companies that sell products on which you can imprint your logo and contact information. These are then given to prospects, employees, or others who might promote your company. Some of the most popular ad specialties include coffee mugs, pens, and clothing, such as embroidered shirts or hats. The advantage of using this type of promotion is that the shelf life of the product is long—often years—whereby you create T.O.M.A. for your company. The disadvantage is that it is often difficult to measure response. Promotional products are also effective as thank you gifts for your customers and for end of year gifts.

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