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Marketing To Maximize Your Sales

Marketing to maximize your sales will be a key driver for success.

  • Marketing is the process of finding and keeping customers…and the key to your company’s cash flow is your customers
  • Advertising is the process of communication
  • Sales is the process of getting orders

So how do you maximize your company’s sales through marketing?

A written Marketing Plan is important for your business because it’s similar to having a set of blueprints for building a house.

The first step is Positioning. An effective positioning strategy is based on three key elements:

  1. Your communications program
  2. Identification of your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition)…what makes your business unique
  3. Your Branding process–your brand name, brand mark (graphic image/logo), trademark (a brand or part of a brand that is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to legally protect it.

Next is Market Segmentation. This is how you define the most qualified prospects who will purchase from your company — your best potential clients or customers. You can segment by industry or specific type of business, size (number of employees or sales volume), location, and the right person to contact.

Consider your Competition next. It’s important to know their strengths and weaknesses in order to sell against them.

Your Product/Service Strategy and Pricing Strategy come next and sometimes involve some trial-and-error to see what works best.

Distribution is how you deliver your products or services to the marketplace. This might involve franchising or licensing and also electronic commerce.

All of this information needs to be communicated to your prospects through an effective Advertising strategy or Direct Mail Lead Generation Program. Make your message consistent and build it around your company’s U.S.P.

This will lead to the final step which is Sales–which also has several parts:  Sales Structure, Sales Processes, Sales Presentations, Sales Metrics, and Customers.

This is a brief overview but it should help you get started on developing a complete step by step Marketing Action Plan. Your business will then use its Marketing to maximize your sales.



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