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8 Key Sales Recruiting Principles You Should Know

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key sales recruiting principles

Sales Recruiting Principles

Below you will find eight key sales recruiting principles to help you better understand sales recruiting. If you have any specific questions about sales recruiting make sure to contact us, and we will respond promptly.

  • About 70% of all salespeople working today don’t have the right “Sales Success Profile” or they are selling in the wrong industry
  • When looking to hire salespeople, look for two key characteristics: high ego drive and high empathy
  • Rather than hiring industry experience, look for “the athlete and teach them the sport”
  • Approximately 80% of all sales are won by only 20% of the sales force (The Pareto Principle)
  • When hiring a new salesperson, use a sales assessment test to measure their true sales ability
  • Most hiring managers place too much emphasis on a person’s resume and experience rather than on a person’s true passion to sell
  • One of the keys to making good sales hiring decisions is realizing the characteristics of a new employee: things that are easy to change…those that are harder but doable…those that are very difficult to change
  • Most salespeople change jobs not because of money, but because of a lack of appreciation and not enough “psychic income” from their employer

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