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4-Step Sales Flow Process To Increase Your Sales

Use this Four-Step Sales Flow…it’s a track to run on to increase your sales

1.  Appointment System

Often getting a new appointment is the most difficult part of the sales flow…especially when you are trying to target the correct decision maker(s). A good database, combined with a creative direct mail or email program, will be a great asset in generating good appointments. Follow up with a telephone call and set the appointment.

2.  Presentation

After you set the appointment, the next step is to give a winning Sales Presentation in an organized, sequential manner. Your presentation sales flow will be an important factor in determining whether you win a new customer or not. The more methodical and solution-driven your sales presentation is, the higher your closing ratio will be.

You should have a pre-call objective that you want to achieve before you even walk in the door. Next, establish rapport with the prospect. After you are both somewhat relaxed, begin to ask good open-ended questions to probe for their needs or problems. Then you can present the solutions you may have to solve those problems. Your sales presentation may or may not require sending a follow up proposal after you make your initial presentation. If the prospect does not seem ready to buy, ask to send a proposal. Sending a proposal gives you a great advantage—a valid reason to make a second appointment to review the proposal and win the sale. The proposal is also a way to communicate information to other decision makers who you could not see during your first appointment.

It’s estimated that in more than 50% of all sales calls, the salesperson will “wing it” or “shoot from the hip,” rather than using a sequential sales flow process such as this. Therefore, using one will give you a big advantage.

3.  Review Proposal

The purpose of the second appointment is to review the proposal, if you sent one, present a summary of the benefits that you are proposing, meet additional decision makers, if necessary, and overcome any sales objections that the prospect may have.

If you have accomplished these points, you could have a good opportunity to close the sale at this appointment.  However, there is a rule of thumb that states that the more expensive the product or service that you are selling, the longer the selling cycle.  Therefore, you may have to make a third appointment with your prospects.

4.  Close Sale

Your prospect may require a third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth appointment in order to feel comfortable in purchasing from you.  The key to arranging “call backs” or additional appointments is to find out what information they need and then to make the next appointment in order to satisfy that need or to overcome specific objections that have occurred during your visit. Your ultimate goal is to close the sale.

Once you, as a salesperson, establish a sales flow, you will have a system combined with momentum and your sales will increase … it’s almost guaranteed.


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