Developing Trust–Your Key To Sales Success

Developing Trust is the #1 Key to Sales Success

The process of developing trust–in their company or themselves–should be the number one goal of every salesperson. The first thing they need to do is create a relationship with the prospect and let them know that they are there to solve the prospect’s problems.

Unfortunately, trust has been fading in recent times in our country—in politics, in business, perhaps in some families and marriages—where trust should be the foundation of lasting relationships. But trust isn’t about business or politics or marriages, it’s about LIFE. If it’s the cornerstone of your life, you will create friendships, business relationships, and ultimately achieve your life’s goals because you are a person who inspires trust from others.

The best way to create trust as a salesperson is to focus on these major factors…


  • be an expert in your niched field and in your industry; know what’s going on and be able to talk intelligently about the services you are representing and how they will benefit your prospect
  • don’t act like a salesperson—be a problem solver, working with the prospect as a trusted advisor to help his business
  • make sure the statements you make are always accurate, and avoid broad general statements, such as “we are the best and fastest growing company in our industry”
  • speak in facts that you can prove, not opinions
  • never, never exaggerate
  • use references and testimonials—have these available to show during your presentation


  • listen to your prospect; show a real interest in their needs; they want to know how much you care before they care how much you know
  • 65% of all buying decisions are emotionally made so sell to the heart first and the head second
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Ask good open-ended questions and then repeat the answers to be sure you understand what they are saying
  • Note how the prospect feels while answering and try to get them to expand on things they are excited about
  • Provide possible solutions for them


  • Radiate integrity; how you do anything is how you do everything so show that you can be trusted to tell the truth and always have the prospect’s best interests first and yours second
  • Experts say that about 80% of what we communicate is really through our body language so be sure to present yourself well
  • Look professional
  • Be punctual
  • Make good eye contact
  • Have a firm handshake
  • Be calm, confident & conversational
  • Never cross your arms or put your hand over your mouth while talking
  • Create a comfortable environment where the prospect wants to buy from you
  • Salespeople have a certain disadvantage caused by the general misconception that salespeople will do or say anything to get a sale. You need to overcome that misconception through doing many small things correctly


  • Do what you say you are going to do, deliver it when you say will, and don’t make excuses
  • Go the extra mile to create that all-important competitive edge that makes you and your company truly unique.
  • Remember that there is never a “traffic jam” at the extra mile.

Practice these suggestions and focus on your prospect and you will succeed in developing sales trust every time!