Custom Sales Playbooks

Why Sales Playbooks?

Do winning football coaches have Playbooks? Of course, they do because they are very motivated to win their games. Likewise, a business leader needs a Sales Playbook to win new sales.

Your sales team is critical to your company…because nothing happens until a sale is made. Organized focus and systems will generate increased sales…plan your work and work your plan! We develop sales playbooks to help drive new sales.

The Value of a Sales Playbook

A practical “hands on” Sales Playbook will give your company the following benefits to increase sales…

  • Making your company unique
  • Improving prospecting
  • Increasing closing ratios
  • Recruiting top sales talent
  • Offering new value-added services and products
  • Using proven sales processes
  • Reducing sales turnover
  • Offering better compensation plans
  • Increasing customer revenue
  • Reaching your annual sales goals
  •  … plus more

How can SALESTALENT help?

SALESTALENT will create a custom Sales Playbook for your company consisting of the following components…

Sales & Marketing Structure

  • Your company’s U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition)—why are you different?
  • Products & Services—offering additional value & new Services
  • Specific market segments to reach
  • Pricing—commodity vs. a service

Sales Tools

  • Digital marketing
  • Internet / SEO Strategy / CTA / Social Media
  • Direct marketing programs
  • Budget allocation

Sales Processes

  • Sales Organization – territory, products, & services, Inside & Outside salespeople, BDRs, Sales account managers, Sales Managers
  • Lead Generation Systems
  • Sales Recruiting Process
  • Sales Success Profile
  • Sales Quotas, Salary, Commission & Bonus Plans
  • Sales Presentations – Four Steps: Rapport, Probe, Present, Close
  • Overcoming Sales Objections
  • Three Proven Closing Techniques
  • Sales Proposals


  • Upselling & Cross-Selling
  • 68% Rule
  • The 5 to 1 Rule
  • Customer Appreciation Programs
  • Developing CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)


  • Measuring Sales KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – daily contacts, sales presentations, closing ratios, average sale, sales proposals
  • The “Significant Few” vs. the “Trivial Many” – delegation
  • Psychic Income & Financial Income = Motivation