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21 Laws of Sales SuccessThis is an interactive Sales Game that consists of two parts: reading “The 21 Laws Of Sales Success” book and then playing the “Roll & Win Game.”

Everyone needs to read the book which is a “hands on” practical application of valuable sales techniques. When practiced, these techniques will help your team significantly increase their sales ability.

They will be given 2-3 weeks to read the book. A sales contest will then be conducted by SALESTALENT in your office. Each person will roll dice and score points if they get the correct answer. The person or the team with the highest score receives an award.

This program provides a number of valuable benefits to your company:

  • Motivation
  • Sales Knowledge
  • Involvement– “Tell me, I forget; Show me, I remember; Involve me, I understand”


In this seminar you will learn strategic methods for organization, recruiting at a local, regional, or national level and systems to sustain and increase sales.

Organize & segment your sales force:

  • by territory, markets, or products/services
  • by hunters or farmers
  • by outside or inside sales positions
  • by specific goals

Successful Recruiting:

  • Look for ego drive and empathy for best results
  • Measure “Sales DNA” – quantifying (from 0-10) the 12 key attributes, including assertiveness, stamina, prospecting, closing, etc.
  • Choose true sales talent over industry experience…”hire the athlete, teach them the sport”
  • Avoid the biggest hiring mistakes: hiring just a resume, no sales assessment

Sales Process:

  • Prospecting: using databases to develop a rifle lens to target your best prospects by SIC codes, size, location, contact person’s name
  • How to give consistent 5-part presentations
  • Overcome the top 3 objections: no need, happy with current vendor, price
  • Use targeted proposals as a follow up process to win new customers
  • Use Metrics (i.e. weekly scorecard)


How you market your business will ultimately affect your bottom line. In this seminar, you will learn how effective marketing is about ideas, innovations, and systems versus spending a lot of money on advertising. Harvey Firestone said, “Ideas, not money, are the capital of a business.” What is the real value of a new market? A new product? A new distribution channel? Marketing is ideas and vision.

This seminar will be composed of the following modules:


  • What business are you really in?
  • What is your U.S.P.? You must be different
  • The elevator test
  • The importance of branding
  • Corporate identity (logo)
  • Tagline

Market Segmentation

  • Developing the right marketing channels (consumers, businesses, distributors)
  • Who are your best potential customers? Establish a precise customized overlay
  • How to segment – SIC code, zip code, sales, employee size – your marketing lens
  • Present customer database

Service/Product Strategy

  • Clear communication of the benefits of your services/products and your value propositions
  • What new value-added services/products can you provide?
  • Market Gap Analysis: new service to the same market or same service to new market; NEVER new service to a new market

Advertising & Promotion Strategy

Methods to improve your Return on Investment (ROI):

  • Develop an advertising campaign—with a specific theme to permeate all your information
  • Develop an effective media mix with budget
  • Direct marketing programs
  • Internet—website development, SEO, Blogs, E-marketing, social media
  • Promotion—press releases, trade shows, sales promotion, specialty advertising
  • Types of ads—image (top of mind awareness), direct response

Sales/Sales Management Strategy

  • Developing a winning sales training course
  • Identifying your best prospects
  • Getting appointments/lead generation
  • Building a sales team (structure, process, presentation)
  • Giving a winning sales presentation


  • Attitude of caring
  • The 68% indifference rule
  • The 5 to 1 rule
  • The 20% lost rule
  • The two most important words – “thank you” and the least important word—“I”

Management Systems

  • P.I.E. Management System
  • Develop 3 pro formas – low, medium, high
  • Written job descriptions / organizational chart
  • The power of visualization
  • The art of goal setting

Integrated Marketing Plan

  • Integrated Marketing Plan based on key marketing variables
  • Creating specific marketing objectives…with deadlines
  • Benefits of this process:
    • Creates an element of synergy for growth
    • Develops a system of thinking, planning, processes, & action
    • Gives you a “marketing focus” which, again, is the real key to the bottom line profitability of your unique business

Business Seminars

SALESTALENT has conducted specialized sales seminars and workshops for the following universities and associations:

  • The University of Georgia/SBDC
  • Vistage
  • The Brain Trust
  • Georgia Tech/ATDC
  • Georgia Society of CPAs
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Clayton College and University
  • Furman University
  • Lee Hecht Harrison
  • American Woman’s Society of CPAS/GA
  • Georgia Association of Personnel Services (GAPS)
  • Printing Association of Georgia (PIAG)
  • Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)
  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)-Atlanta chapter
  • Rotary Clubs
  • … and more!


By participating in our training programs and business seminars your team will learn the following “Golden Nuggets of Sales”…

  • Solve Problems: Every sale is really a solution to a problem.
  • Questions: A high performance salesperson asks good, pointed questions (probing) to uncover problems and needs. In the classic sales presentation, the salesperson actually listens 65% of the time and talks only 35% of the time. The vast majority of salespeople talk 80% of the time and only listen 20% of the time because they have not realized the importance of probing.
  • Persistence: Approximately 80% of all sales occur between the second and fifth call. However, the vast majority of salespeople quit after the first call. Furthermore, only 20% of all salespeople make the third call…and that is when the majority of sales occur.
  • Trust: Approximately 80% of sales are lost because the salesperson failed to establish an element of trust and credibility with the prospect.
  • Thank You: Always thank the person for their valuable time. The two most important words in our language are “thank you!” (The least important is “I”)
  • Emotions: Approximately 65% of all buying decisions are emotionally based. We all have a tendency to make purchases from an emotional perspective…and then justify those decisions somehow from a rational perspective. Sell to the heart first; the head second.
  • Decision Makers: Approximately 65% of all sales calls in any industry are made on the wrong person. Be sure you are presenting to the correct decision maker.
  • Sales Objections: Successful presentations contain approximately 50% more objections than non-successful presentations, so welcome the objections and then overcome them.
  • Value: Professional salespeople sell value, not low price. A study concluded that in business to business sales, only 14% of all buyers considered the lowest price to be the primary reason for making a purchase.
  • Planned Approach: In over 50% of the presentations made in any industry, the salesperson does not use a planned approach, but rather “shoots from the hip.”
  • Highest Paid: The highest single paid career in the S. is sales, even exceeding law and medicine.
  • Winning: According to considerable research in the sales profession, the high-performance, achievement-directed salesperson possesses two outstanding characteristics—ego drive and empathy. Their ego drive is the self-motivation that a person intrinsically has to win, and which stimulates them to pay whatever price they have to in order to achieve their personal goals. Empathy is the ability to be sensitive and understand other people’s needs (i.e. the customers).
  • Ask: In more than 65% of all sales calls made in the S. today, the salesperson will never ask for the order, but wait for the prospect to “buy.”

What Our Clients Say

Your sales training seminar for the Society of Human Resource Management received rave reviews. Some comments included:…exceptional speaker…knowledgeable, stimulating presenter…on focus…valuable information clearly presented.

Gwen ThomasSHRM-Atlanta Chapter

Wow! This is the only expression I can offer after your sales and marketing seminar for NAWBO-Atlanta. Thank you for your time, talents and energy.

Victoria BradenPresident, NAWBO-Atlanta

Your sales training seminar was cost-effective and entertaining. The feedback has been great.

Scott MarshallPrincipal, Carithers-Wallace-Courtenay

Your presentation helped emphasize the importance of marketing and provided the tools our clients can use to create a comprehensive sales and marketing plan.

Carlotta RobertsDirector, Kennesaw State University/SBDC

We have enclosed copies of the sales training program evaluations for your review. As you can see, all the participants rated your sales seminar as excellent.

Sharon MacalusoArea Dir., University of Georgia/SBDC

Your recent 3-day sales training program with our sales team has delivered immediate positive results. We had record-breaking sales this quarter by all salesmen…We are proud of our association with SALESTALENT.

Neil Wise Sr.President, Guardian Products Inc.

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