Sales Recruitment. Sales Playbooks. Sales Training.

SALESTALENT is unique because we can deliver three separate services to drive new sales for your company.

Many companies in our industry provide only one of these services, but SALESTALENT can bundle all three of these programs for turnkey solutions.

Our Bundled Solutions Include:

  • Targeted Sales Recruiting
  • Customized Sales Training Programs
  • Strategy Sales Playbooks

Targeted Recruitment: Measure “Sales DNA.”

Many salespeople have industry experience, interview well, and have an attractive resume, but they often fail because they don’t have the right “Sales DNA” to be successful. Our company provides assessments that measure a person’s ability to sell before they are hired, therefore, saving your company time and money.

Our assessment tool measures many vital skills—i.e., persistence, prospecting, closing skills, work stamina, etc. Studies indicate that when a measuring tool is used, hiring success increases more than 500% vs. hiring based just on a personal interview and using your “gut feeling.”

Customized Training Programs: For Your Sales Teams

We develop your training course and customize it to your company’s specific needs. Using our Business Analysis Planner® program, we can discover both the strengths and weaknesses of how your company develops new business. Then we create the best-customized program which becomes the structure for your training program.

A vital component of the SALESTALENT Training Program is involvement. Because most people increase their learning by becoming involved, we use methods that include our Scorecard and “The Best and the Brightest Sales Game” to generate enthusiasm and interaction. We build upon the principle: “Tell me, I forget; Show me, I remember, Involve me, I understand.” We also offer Seminars based on these same key business concepts.

Strategy Playbooks: For Managers

A Playbook will help your business rethink and build a more effective business model and enable you to do more with less.

Your playbook will provide the best strategy based on the following components:

  • Structure– how you put all of the different parts together in the best way to maximize results
  • Process– the development of fundamental prospecting and lead generation programs
  • Presentation– create methodical sales presentations for your business to increase closing ratios
  • Metrics–you need to measure before you can manage. We will create a weekly metrics program to maximize sales results

SALESTALENT helps companies increase sales performance. Get Top Talent Now