SALESTALENT tests a person’s true “Sales DNA” using proven assessment tools…saving your company both wasted time and money.

Just because a salesperson interviews well and has a good resume, doesn’t mean they can sell.

Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Research shows that 70% of all salespeople are mis-matched…they don’t have the right “sales DNA” or they are in the wrong industry. These are the primary reasons why the majority of people never reach their quotas and why sales represents the highest turnover rate of any industry.

Sales Assessment Tools

The assessment profile is often more important than a salesperson’s resume. This assessment tool measures 12 different skill sets, such as motivation, stamina, prospecting, closing, etc. Each one of these skills gets a score ranked from 1 to 10 to show the true skills of the candidate before they are hired…eliminating costly hiring mistakes.

Like an SAT Test

A person cannot get into a leading university or college without having superior SAT scores. In the same sense they need to have good “Sales DNA” scores to be offered a position by your company.

SALESTALENT can help your company increase its sales performance. Get Started Today