SALESTALENT tests a person’s true “Sales DNA” using proven assessment tools…saving your company both wasted time and money.

Many of the most important traits of a top sales performer cannot be determined by a resume or even a number of interviews. For example, does a resume accurately indicate a sales candidate’s personal motivation, their tenacity, their relationship building skills, their ability to create trust, etc.? Do they have the real stuff, i.e. natural Sales DNA, to be a top sales performer for your company?

Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

A study compiled through Michigan State University indicated that using a sales assessment tool increases the chances of hiring the right sales person by over 500% vs. just hiring through the normal resume and interviewing process.

Sales Assessment Profile

SALESTALENT provides an online Sales Assessment to measure a salesperson’s true sales ability. Some advantages of using this assessment tool are:

  • Accurately measures the top 10-20% of all salespeople who have the right “sales DNA”
  • Eliminates the candidates who just interview well or have the “right” resume
  • Profiles the true sales “hunters” vs. the many sales “farmers” (about 80% of all salespeople)

The assessment profile is often more important than a salesperson’s resume. This assessment tool measures 12 different skill sets (see below) and each one of these skills gets a score ranked from 1 to 10 to show the true skills of the candidate before they are hired–or even interviewed–eliminating costly hiring mistakes.


Assertiveness • Sociability • Patience • Dependence • Emotional Control • Stamina


Prospecting • Closing • Organizational • Response to Incentives • Need for Direction • Turnover Propensity


Please email SALESTALENT for a sample Sales Assessment Profile so you can see how it measures a salesperson’s true “Sales DNA” before they are hired.

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